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Solid-state NMR captures SAR of the Yersinia pestis surface protein Ail in the native bacterial cell envelope and its interactions with immune response proteins present in human serum.
"Journal of Biomolecular NMR" cover;resolving single atomic sites in the yersinia pestis outer membrane protein Ail
"Journal of Magnetic Resonance" cover; high-quality protein structures in implicit water
"PNAS" journal cover; blood protein vitronectin binds calcium
"Biochimica et Biophysica Acta" Journal cover
"Journal of Molecular Biology" cover; cytoprotective Bcl-xL in the membrane
"Journal of Magnetic Resonance" cover; simultaneous NMR assignment and structure refinement
"Science Advances" cover; blood protein vitronectin forms a four-bladed propeller
"Biophyisical Journal" cover; high-quality NMR structures of proteins in an implicit membrane environment
"Journal of Magnetic Resonance" cover; A solid-state NMR index of helical membrane protein structure and topology