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"Molecular Microbiology" journal cover, May 2020

Our Research focuses on understanding the structures and functions of proteins in multi-component molecular assemblies.


We use the complete array of nuclear magnetic resonance methods, coupled with X-ray crystallography, molecular dynamics simulations, biochemistry and biophysics.


This multidisciplinary approach allows us to probe biomolecular structure and function across the scales of length and time relevant for human biology.

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These are the first lines of defense against pathogens. How do proteins on the surface of pathogenic bacteria interact with the human host to enhance virulence?

Suppression of programmed cell death, is a hallmark of cancer. How do proteins in the B-cell -leukemia-lymphoma family regulate programmed cell death?

How do the protein-rich aggregates that form with aging contribute to diseases like macular degeneration, Alzheimer's, and atherosclerosis?

We develop computational methods for NMR structure calculations in physically realistic environments.

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